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Today I feel free and truly appreciate who I am, but growing up I struggled as a very insecure introvert. I always had this underlying feeling that I wasn't good enough and that nothing I did was right. As I got older, I was a party girl at heart and spent my time searching for something but never quite got it right.


That feeling intensified after my husband & I had kids. It was just another thing I felt like I was failing in. Like everyone had it all figured out and then there was me. I felt like I was drowning.


And then one day, someone invited us to church. It was weird at first, but it was the best thing we ever did. My spiritual journey has been a roller coaster of emotions, good, bad, scary, exciting. With God by my side, I've created tools & skills that helped me grow, change, find my confidence and brought me to where I am today. More than anything I've learned to love who He has made me to be, quirks, flaws, & all. Finding God has been a total game changer.

I met my husband when I was 19 years old. We have had some crazy and amazing ups and downs, including a failed business, bankruptcy, and lots of marriage counseling, but today, I cannot imagine my life without him. We have two wonderful adult aged children and they are our number one blessing


Like I said, going to church for the first time was weird, scary, but we kept on going. I would look around the room at all the other couples and I knew I wanted more. It was a bumpy road, but it's been worth it.

My husband and I are both in ministry now and love God with all our hearts. Life is not perfect but we know that God is there for us to lean on no matter what life throws our way.
Being a working wife and mom, I understand the craziness life takes on, for us as women. We wear many hats and sometimes just need someone to help us get our thoughts straight and somehow make sense of them.
I've served in ministry for the past 15 years and started officially working in ministry about 9 years ago.
In May of 2012 I received my degree in Human Services.
I've also been a Certified Biblical Life Coach through Life Breakthrough Academy, since 2015
I love what I do, I love the women I get to work with, and, truth be told, I never knew I could do this or that I could dream this big.
My mission, vision >>>>

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