Add Some Positivity to Your Day

February 13, 2019

Everyone has a different idea of what their morning should look like. The question is, what do you want your morning to look like? What does God want your morning to look like?


I like to have as much quiet time in the morning as possible. When I say this, I always get a list of excuses as to why someone can't have morning time to themselves. The fact is, I like to sleep in too, and I did this when my kids were little, and there were many many mornings that I was doing everything alone because my husband was at work. However, it was important to me because it started my day off right and made the rest of my day better, so I made it a priority. I still feel it's important and make it a priority. I also change it as needed to accommodate the different pulls in my life.


We make time, not excuses, for what's important to us.


My morning time typically looks like this:

~Wake up early

~At least 10 minutes just sitting in the quiet, thinking, dreaming, journaling, and drinking my water.


~My coffee & morning devotional, for as long as it takes.

~Reading my bible & looking up related verses.

~Prayer. I keep a list so I don't forget anyone and I make notes as those prayers are answered.

~ I know how much time I need to get ready so I just try to watch my time or set a timer. And sometimes I just don't get it all finished. There's no wrong way to have that time. Create what works for you.


It's important to point out that this is my current morning routine in this season of my life, and it's not always perfect either. It changes as I change and as my life circumstances change. At one point I did my routine in the afternoon. I've also read inspirational books instead of the bible. There have been times I was only able to spend 30 minutes or less and times I was unable to connect with God at all but I still kept searching, praying, and asking others to pray for me.


I cling to my morning time because I went without God for so long and I know the difference now. It also helps with my anxiety and just gets my entire day started on a positive note, giving me a positive mindset when I walk out the door.


On another note, if Jesus ain't really your thing, I get it. He wasn't always my thing either. I still encourage you to have quiet time in the morning. It's important to get that time alone with your thoughts and dreams before you let the rest of the world in. Maybe go for a walk, write your thoughts down in a notebook, listen to music, whatever works for you.


So, what can you do?

How can you add some quiet to your day, everyday?

What does that look like for you?

If you need help, I'd love the chance to sit and explore options that fit your life and schedule.

You are important and you are worth it!


Hope you have a fabulous day! Take care of you:)


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