How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Social Media

Do you ever find yourself getting upset or feeling less than, from social media?

I hear this from a lot of women and I can relate.

I used to find myself feeling left out and less than, ..... through social media. I'd see friends hanging out and wonder why I wasn't invited. I'd see families doing fun stuff and second guess my own parenting skills.

The biggest thing I found, over the years, is that it's not really about them. It's about me.

Here's a couple things to think about when you feel yourself being triggered.

1) You're an adult! Stop following people that upset you or make you feel bad!

If someone isn't making you feel good about yourself, don't follow them. Fill your life with positivity, but don't forget to take time and figure out what's going on in you too. Why do these things bother you.

What exactly gets under your skin? How does it make you feel in that moment? Recognize it, write it down if it helps. We assume people share just the highlight reel and they're showing off. Ask those people questions to get a better idea of why they share what they share, you may be surprised.

I had a friend that posted great pictures of her family. One day I commented on how much I loved her pictures and her comment back was,

"Girl you don't know what I have to do to get those pictures! They don't want to take pictures, they all want to make other plans, ....."

An outsider looking in would think her family has it all together and feel their own family needs some work, however, her reality was just that these were her memories before her kids all leave the house and she wanted to share.

2) Change your mindset?

I look at it like this. Each persons social media platform is their own personal space to do whatever they choose and I don't have to look if I don't like it and neither do you.

I only follow people that lift my spirits, people I can relate with, people that interest me. However, I also don't let social media upset me. I've learned to change my mindset, the way I look at it, and my own personal self talk.

I'm happy seeing friends get together and having fun. I no longer feel left out. I also know I'm a good mom and appreciate seeing how differently all of us parents do things. How each family is set up and running in a way that works for them. I laugh with my friends because I don't have the energy to do half of what they do and yet, they love it and share it because they're proud.

I'm happy for friends that go on trips and have nice things. They've worked hard for it. I love all the family pictures. They're sharing their memories in the moments that won't last forever. I also want to know my friends struggles so I can be in prayer for them and their achievements so I can celebrate with them.

This didn't happen overnight, by the way. It took time for me to recognize my feelings and triggers and change them piece by piece.

At the end of the day, you can continue to allow yourself to get upset or you can choose to handle it differently. It's really all about you. I hope this helps you and begins to have a positive affect on your social media experience.

Have a fabulous day! Take care of you!

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