10 Ways To Keep People From Affecting Your Daily Life

We have a tendency to take on everyone else's

emotions around us. Why do we do that???

Someone gets an attitude with us and we immediately think we've done something wrong. We'll carry that around for days, wondering what we've done or what we could've done differently.

It never occurs to us that maybe they are just having a bad day. Maybe they just received some bad news and you happen to be there. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this gives people permission to mistreat us, I'm simply saying, before you start carrying that around, stop and think, maybe it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

This topic has come up a lot lately. I've talked with people having issues with co-workers, friends, significant others, even strangers out in public. Part of it is simply because we are all so different. We handle things differently, but we can't let everyone's attitude, mood, behavior,.....affect ours. We can't dwell on it.

Don't you have enough going on in life? Do you really need to take on other peoples emotions too?

This doesn't mean you totally get off free here. If you did play a part then own it. Acknowledge it and do your best to fix it. I'm simply saying, on a daily basis, we tend to hold onto things that have nothing to do with us and we torture ourselves with it for days on end.

How many times has something bothered you so bad that you finally go to that person to talk it out and they either don't remember or have a simple explanation. So we've been going through this a ridiculous amount of times, in our head, and they never gave it a second thought.

So, how do we keep others from affecting our daily life?

Train your brain to begin handling these situations differently. Practicing the following tips will help you become more mindful of yourself. It will help you learn what triggers you and why it triggers you. You will become more aware of what you are capable of when it comes to your feelings and reactions.

Tips to remember & practice:

1) You CAN'T control other peoples emotions or behavior but you CAN control your own.

2) Use positive self talk to get through the negative feeling

3) Remind yourself they may just be having a bad day

4) Pray for them

5) Remember, if they do have an issue with you, it's their responsibility to come to you

6) Don't forget we are all created different and handle situations differently

7) Talk with someone

8) Prepare yourself. When you know you're going into a situation with someone that always pushes your buttons, pray before hand and have a plan on how you can divert the conversation as needed.

9) Get your self-pep talk ready for when you leave a situation that has you feeling bad.

10) Ask God to remove those feelings & burdens, from your thoughts so you can move on with your day in a positive way (This really works, you would be surprised.)

We don't give ourselves enough credit for how much control we have over our own minds. We continuously allow the outside world to control our thoughts and emotions.

Start spending time with yourself. No outside distractions like the tv or social media. Spend time just sitting outside, exploring your thoughts and dreams. Sit for 10 minutes each morning doing the same. Don't let the outside in until you've had time alone to think, pray, dream,......whatever comes to mind. And please don't start telling yourself you have no time because of all your demands. Aren't you worth 10 minutes of peace a day? You are important so treat yourself like you are.

Hope this helps.

Have a fabulous week & take care of you.

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