What's In Your Toolbox???

Looking back, over the years, most likely you've discovered your likes and dislikes; what's been easy or difficult; what you'll tolerate and what you won't,...... you get the drift.

It's through this process, of getting to know ourselves better, that we create our own personal tools to help us embrace ourselves, and, in some cases, simply survive.

When I was growing up, I was terribly shy & scared of everything. With every new school year, as far as I can remember, it never failed. I would walk into the classroom and my assigned seat would be surrounded by people I didn't know. Immediate panic would set in! What if I have a question, what if I need a pencil, what if I need a partner, what if....?????

I realized I had to do something, so I started picking one person near me to immediately strike up a conversation with and find something in common. I totally feared their rejection, but I knew I had to do it. And, side note, I had to get their number in case I ever had a question about homework.

Now I realize, the grip that fear and negative self talk had over me. In fact, it trapped me in all situations, new or not. But, I also see the strength I had within me that I didn't recognize at the time.

I had to dig deep within myself and find the confidence to do all the things that intimidated me. I had to find new things that lifted me up and built my confidence. I had to put myself out there.

Something else I realize now. I may not have known Him back then, but God was with me. Those situations, while painful at the time, slowly forced me out of my comfort zone and ultimately brought me where I am today. Don't get me wrong, I'm an introvert at heart but I'm way better than I was. Now I see those situations as opportunities to grow closer to God and more confident in myself.

Last year God took me down this crazy journey of putting myself out there, even more. Sharing my journey, blogging, life coaching,....I was terrified! I cried all the time and begged God to take this off of me but He hasn't, so I keep pushing forward and you know what's happening?? I'm not as scared, it's gotten easier, I'm meeting amazing people, I get to be a part of other peoples journey, I'm learning tons of new stuff, & I'm having fun!!!

We let our emotions get in the way of so many opportunities! Can you relate to this at all????

What are you facing right now that is taking everything you have in you to deal with and you're doing it!

And if you're not, then why?? What's holding you back?? Is it fear, intimidation, negative self talk???

So, what positive tools are you using, or could start practicing, to get through the tough stuff???

Prayer/devotion (No matter what!)

Taking a walk/exercise

Serving in church or your community


Setting healthy boundaries


Brainstorming with someone you trust

Listing your goals & strengths

Realizing your weaknesses

Working on a positive mindset daily

Getting plenty of sleep

Eating healthier

Prioritizing your life/schedule

Schedule time for you

Quality time with good friends

Learning to except compliments

Finding peace within yourself

Fill in the____________________

Just to name a few.

The tough stuff is gonna come whether we like it or not so let's plan and prepare the best we can. Let's not beat ourselves up and let's embrace these fabulous opportunities to grow in so many ways.

Quick Story: While writing this out one of my all time favorite songs just started playing and it's too appropriate not to share at least the chorus lyrics. "Beautiful" by Mercy Me

"You're beautiful, you're beautiful, you are made for so much more than this. You're beautiful, you're beautiful, you are treasured, you are sacred, you are His. Amen ladies!!!! And don't you forget it!!!

Remember, as always, send me an email and fill me in. I'd love to be a part of this journey with you.

Praying for all you amazing ladies as you grow in your relationship with God and yourself.

Till next time, have a fabulous week & take care of you!

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