6 Simple Steps To Starting Your Spiritual Journey

Going to church, finding God, learning the Bible,.... It can all get kind of overwhelming leaving you totally confused; like you don't belong.

Here's the deal. Everyone's journey looks different, because we are all different from each other.

We learn differently, we feel differently, our experiences are different, and God wants something different for us too.

The 5 simple basic steps, that helped me, include:

1) Go to church faithfully: It's so easy to stop going but it's crazy hard to get back into it once you've stopped. Make it part of your weekly routine. It's not just about what you get out of it either. You'd be surprised how many people are looking forward to seeing you.

2) Read your bible: It won't make sense and that's ok because the more you read it, the more you will learn, understand, and be able to repeat it to others.

3) Ask questions: You know how I said, the Bible probably won't make sense? Write down your questions as you go and find people to ask. Most Christians love talking about their relationship with God. It's exciting to share with others so do not think you're bothering them, plus, they don't know everything and will probably learn from you too.

4) Join a women's group of some sort: When I first started going to church, I joined a women's bible study and a church exercise group. The more I got to know these amazing ladies, the more I learned.

5) Serve in your church: Start where you're comfortable, whether it's the nursery, greeting, something behind the scenes, .... God calls us to serve and I promise you it's a huge part of your journey plus you'll meet tons of people along the way.

6) Pray: God wants to have a relationship with you and like all relationships, it takes time. It takes you talking to Him and listening too. You may not hear Him right a way but over time you will.

All of this probably still sounds daunting or overwhelming but I promise if you make the commitment, it will all come together.

Too much too soon? Pick one thing and then move onto another when you're ready. Baby steps.

Need someone to help you sort it all out. Send me an email and let's chat. I've met some amazing ladies on my journey and now I love helping other women on their journey.

Have a fabulous week & take care of you.

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