Go From Stressed to Refreshed With These Super Simple Habits

So, 2020 has definitely turned our world a little upside down. Our days are jumbled together, our routines are out the window, & we’re not sure what’s coming next.

Our daily habits come so natural to us, we don't give them much thought. But those are the actions that actually shape who we are and how we do things. So what if you simply made some changes to those daily habits?

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Am I taking time for me each day?

  • Do I spend time in prayer?

  • Am I getting enough sleep?

  • Do I take time to laugh?

  • Am I moving/exercising on a regular basis?

  • Do I spend regular time in Gods word?

  • Am I drinking enough water?

  • Do I feel burnt out?

If you answered No more than Yes, it’s time to either add some new life changing habits or revive some old ones.

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Before we dive into changing the habits themselves, let’s talk about habits as a whole so we can understand building them and breaking them and learn to not be so hard on ourselves through the process.

Here’s how our habits typically work:

We have the Initial prompt-The need-Our reaction-The prize

So for example,

(Prompt) Waking up

(Need) Check our email/social media/texts

(Reaction) Grab our phone

(Outcome) We have our phone, check email/social media/texts…

Now what????

Well if this is working for you, great, but if you’re looking for a different outcome, you’ll need to make some changes. Let’s say you want to replace your phone with prayer, maybe you put your phone in another room the night before, so it’s not so easy to grab. Also, make the intentional effort to pray before grabbing your phone.

So basically replacing habits means:

Choose a new goal habit

Apply the new habit

Rest in it while you try to find the best time/day/way to make it work

Each habit added is you becoming a better less stressed, more joyful, you

This takes some mindset shifting too. It takes time to transition to a new habit so again, don't be so hard on yourself.

  1. Remember, better things are coming

  2. Show yourself grace

  3. Enjoy the process

  4. Focus on your strengths & what’s in your control

Our routines have different purposes in helping us feel cheerful, productive and on top of things.

Here’s a few habits to help you get the week started right

Sunday night:

  1. Brain dump everything you have to do for the week.

  2. Check with your family to see if there’s anything they need from you.

  3. Put it all on your calendar

  4. Meal plan

Mornings set the tone for your entire day

Chances are if you start your morning with positive and productive habits, you'll do that the rest of the day.

  1. Prayer/Time in God’s word

  2. Wake up early

  3. Make your bed

  4. Exercise/Move

  5. Have a healthy breakfast

  6. Get dressed (Even if you have nowhere to go)

Here’s a few habits you can add throughout the day to help keep you moving forward

  1. Practice daily gratitude

  2. Eat well

  3. Nap if needed

  4. Read

  5. Take time to unplug

  6. Get plenty of water

  7. Do 1-2 chores per day so you’re not over loaded by the end of the week

These nightly habits help the next day go so much smoother

  1. Prep your meals

  2. Clean your kitchen

  3. Wash your face/brush your teeth

  4. Get your clothes ready for the next day

  5. Go to bed early

Well I hope this helps my friend. I know how crazy things are but as we work to build habits that add value to our life, we learn to manage the stress a little easier.

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