How To Let Go Of Comparison For Good

Put your blinders on ladies! As long as you're focused on the characteristics that you want to be or the things you don't have, you're missing out on all the good that’s going on right now!

We’ve been taught to compare ourselves to others, since we were kids. It’s only natural that we still do it as adults. We use it as a way to measure where we stand amongst our peers. We're bombarded with messages every day, all around us. It can get noisy and leave us feeling less then. We stop trusting our own thoughts, feeling like everything we do is wrong, and not knowing which way to turn.

Comparison might start as admiration, but soon it turns into jealousy. Before long, you're thinking… if only I had what they have, or looked like they look, then I would be happy. You believe these things will bring you joy, peace, & confidence. It becomes a competition but we forget to take into consideration that we’re created different for different purposes. We’re not supposed to be the same.

In the end, you allow it to determine your identity. How you should look, act, dress,…and if you’re not all those things, than you don’t feel valued. Your insecurities and self-doubt start consuming you and when you’re consumed by what others have you don’t get to enjoy you or your life because you’re always thinking about being someone else. It leads to feelings of discouragement, failure, & hopelessness.

If you're comparison struggles typically start with social media...

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Comparing yourself to others, leads to:

  1. Jealousy, feeling like you’ve failed, that you’re never enough.

  2. Missing out on all the good things happening in your own life.

  3. Feelings of defeat & discouragement which end up affecting your relationships.

  4. Lack of personal growth because you’re always trying to be someone else.

  5. Being unable to see what God is doing in and through you.

How to redirect your mind & let go of comparison for good!

  1. Be aware: Start recognizing how often you compare yourself to others.

  2. Focus on you: We're all different, with different backgrounds, different lifestyles,…No one’s perfect & we’re each on our own individual journey. Start embracing yours!

  3. Don't assume the person you're watching is free from struggles.

  4. Enjoy the process: Start looking inward. There's so much growth in the process. Notice what you're learning, how you're growing, your strengths & weaknesses,...

  5. Celebrate your wins: Big & small, embrace what's going on in your life.

  6. Think gratitude: Be thankful for how God made you, who He's made you to be, the journey He's taking you on, & the outcome that you don’t even know about yet.

  7. Get in God’s word: The more we learn what He says about us, the more other peoples’ accomplishments, don’t mean as much.

  8. Pray: Ask God to help you see yourself as He sees you.

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Can comparison be a good thing???

There’s nothing wrong with trying to improve yourself, having dreams, working hard, and setting goals. It’s when it consumes you, causes you to lose your own identity, leaves you feeling bad about yourself, and takes over in other negative ways, that it becomes a problem.

Don't fall for comparing yourself to others my friend. God only made one of you and He made you for a reason. Sometimes you just gotta turn off the noisy world, get with God, and trust what you know to do. Prayer, gratitude, & knowing Gods word takes you on the path to contentment.

When you find contentment, you can enjoy the process, be joyful on your journey and finally release the jealousy and emptiness because you’re comfortable with yourself and trust whatever outcome God has coming your way.

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Don't forget to take care of you my friend.

Keep in touch. I'm cheering you on!

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