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Hello friend! I’m Sherry, and I love helping women, just like you, find freedom from negative inner chatter of mom guilt, self doubt, comparison, & fear to finally feel refreshed, confident, & joyful. Learning to take the pressure off yourself & to be the woman you long to be, while deepening your faith along the way.


If you feel like you have no idea what you're doing, you're not alone, but if you're ready to trade in your feelings of discouragement & insecurity for peace & confidence, then let's chat.


I've worked in ministry for 9 years and extended that ministry into Christ-Centered Life Coaching. 

I use my personal journey, life experiences, and education, to help you pinpoint a starting place and grow from there.


This should be fun too, so picture us just hanging out and chatting about whatever's going on in your life, while working together to create your next steps plan, and keeping Jesus at the center of it all.

My passion is helping you learn to love yourself while also growing in your relationship with God along the way, so whatever's on your heart to explore, we can dive in. 

How is Life Coaching different from counseling?

Counseling is typically used to heal emotional issues, trauma, or crises. 

Life coaching is a process that allows you to focus on what's going on now and set goals for the future.  

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